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ଫକୀର ମୋହନ ଭେଷଜ ମହାବିଦ୍ୟାଳୟ ଓ ଚିକିତ୍ସାଳୟ , ବାଲେଶ୍ୱର

Fakir Mohan Medical College & Hospital, Balasore

Department of Health & Family welfare, Govt. of Odisha

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Prof.(Dr.) Jnanindra Nath Behera


M.D  (Paediatrics)

Dean & Principal

Prof. (Dr.) Nirmal Chandra Sahani

M.D(Comm. Medicine)

Medical Superintendent

Welcome to Fakir Mohan Medical College & Hospital

The college is situated in a sprawling area of 22.68 acres at a distance of 6 kms away from it within the township of Balasore. The hospital is laid in an area of 21 acres. At the college site, the academic block, administrative block, staff quarters, UG hostel, cafetaria, gymnasium etc, have been established.

The hospital had 360 beds with service facility of all the regular clinical departments along with ICU, SNCU, PICU and separate OPDs for each departments.